Day 7- Goal Setting

What is Goal Setting?  It is taking the time to identify what you want to accomplish in a certain timeframe. Why is it important? When you take time to do goal setting everyday, it makes you more intentional about working for what you want.  It helps you focus your time and resources appropriately to so […]

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Christmas In July Freebie

I absolutely love Christmas.  I know it is a little early for some of you, but I am literally counting down the days until Christmas is here.  174 days to be exact and you can track that number by visiting HERE. What does this mean for you as a crafter?  Everyone begins purchasing for Christmas […]

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In order to have a successful business we have to figure out a marketing strategy early on. Making the products and selling them to the same customers over and over again is not enough to sustain us. We constantly need to be researching and testing ways to gain new customers. First, we need to make […]

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Increasing Your Perceived Value

Today I want to talk about increasing your perceived value. We always believe that people want to SAVE money. We question our prices. I see it across all the groups. The uncertainty. What do you think I should charge? Do you think this is good enough? The insecurities. They need to stop. Success is something […]

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Business Journey Day 2

Day 2 Grab your journals again. I want you to take a few notes. Last time we wrote down our fears, our reasons why we want to open a business, dedicated at least a set amount of hours and decided how we would market. Today we’re going to fine tune our business model. It’s easy, […]

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Business Journey Day 1

So you think you want to start a business? Day 1 of our groups 14 days series starts with a little reflection. Grab a journal if possible. Keep it close. You will come back to this time and time again. This will be boring for most. Many of you will not want to read it: […]

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