Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Hello everyone!!! I am excited you are still following along on our business plan. 2017 is an exciting year.

I feel we can all start fresh and begin to accomplish our dreams…whatever that means to you. We discussed in Day 1 and Day 2 the reasons why we wanted to open a business and started looking into possible names for our new venture. Hopefully, since a little time has passed since the last posting, you have come up with the PERFECT name for you new venture!!! Today we are going to tackle setting up our social media accounts.

Social Media is huge today. You literally have the ability to reach thousands of people that you otherwise would not have known existed. I know all of the different platforms can be scary; especially if you are used to using only one (Facebook for most.) There is a different type of audience that seems to exist within each one and to make the most of your business we want to try and reach as many people as we can.

A great place to start is Facebook. We will start today off by building a business page on Facebook. This is super simple and will take you no time at all. The first step is going to Facebook Page Manager and deciding what kind of page you would like to be. Are you a local business or place? Do you want to create your own brand? Pick what you would like to be known as across Facebook and select that icon.

I chose the brand or product icon for this tutorial. After selecting, it will ask you to choose a category and pick a name.  I used Home Decor for the category and picked a generic name.

Now we have our page! It’s time to set it up. First we need to pick a profile pic and a cover photo. PicMonkey is a great FREE site to allow you to design your own graphics specific to the needs of your company. They have templates you can use to make the pictures the exact size you need.

A few of these are free but the nicer ones require a subscription to their service.  I share Freebies all the time for fonts and graphics that you can use to create these images without paying. In order to do this, you need to know the dimensions of the photos.

Facebook Cover Photo: 851×315

Facebook Profile Photo: 180×180

  1. First we will go to the design link.
  2. Under Basic Edits, click resize.
  3. Uncheck Keep proportions
  4. Enter the dimensions into the box.
  5. Click apply.


Our cover photo is fixed perfectly at this point. It’s time to begin the creative, fun part.  We get to design our background image.

  1. Select the blue lattice on the left hand side for textures.
  2. Now select “Your Own” from the list.
  3. Under your own you will find a drop down menu.
  4. Click “Add Your Own” and select My Computer.
  5. Find the file you want to use and click ok.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 5.10.37 PM

Now we have a background.

  1. Begin adding your text to the file.
  2. Click the “T” for text on the left drop down menu and you can choose to use the available fonts they have by clicking “ours” or the ones you have installed on your computer by clicking “yours”.
  3. Once you have your text written, press save at the top of the screen.

Now we will go back to Facebook and make this our cover photo.

  1. Go back to your Facebook page and click add a cover
  2. Press upload photo.
  3. Find your photo you just created and save.

You may want to add extra dimension and spruce it up a bit more but this is just a general idea of what you should be doing.

After uploading your cover photo repeat all the steps above for the profile picture.  The dimensions on it are 180 x 180.

After setting up your profile and cover photo, lets invite some friends!

  1. On the right side of the page you will see a paragraph that reads “Know friends who might like your Page”.
  2. Go into this area and type a few friends into the bar.
  3. Encourage them to follow you and to invite others who they think might be interested in the products you are selling.


We have Facebook set up for now. We will come back and do more with this later. After you setup your site, Share your new business page with us below. We can all follow each other.

Some other sites you may want to setup as well:






PROFILE: 165X165




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